Cult+King Boar Bristle & Nylon Styling Brush

Cult+King Boar Bristle & Nylon Styling Brush

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Brush Handle is FSC® (C113128) 100% Bamboo from well-managed forests!

FSC Certified ensures protection of fragile ecosystems, respecting natural cultures, preventing illegal logging, and restricting clear cutting.  FSC® Bamboo is the most sustainable wood on the planet.

Each Styling Brush comes in a beautiful (of course) felted wool carrying case. With its own little Brush Rake, the hairstylists’ secret for always making a brush look brand new.

Available in Yellow & Black Color Combination

WHAT’S A STYLING BRUSH?  Made for both dry brushing and blow-drying because of its unique bristle design with boar bristles half the height of the nylon bristles. Good for wrapping, smoothing, curls, volume, shine and gently combing out wet hair. Less breakage. Less frizz.  Exfoliates scalp and stimulates scalp circulation for healthy hair.

NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES  Gentle on the hair and scalp, smoothing and conditioning hair by pulling natural oils from the root through to the ends. Boar bristles have been the gold standard in hairbrushes for 200 years.  No boars were harmed in the making of this brush.

GENTLE, DURABLE NYLON BRISTLES  Ball-tipped nylon bristles won’t cause breakage like rough plastic bristles do. Our nylon bristles AND ball tips are heat-resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so this brush will not melt and fall apart during repeated blow-dryer use at even the hottest settings.

PNEUMATIC OVAL CUSHION Designed to prevent hair pull, and to heat up and smooth hair like a smoothing iron.

WE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING This Styling Brush comes in a beautiful (of course) felted wool carrying case. With its own little Brush Rake, the hairstylists’ secret for always making a brush look brand new.

CARING FOR YOUR BRUSH Carefully remove any hair. Occasionally wash with warm water and gentle soap or shampoo, without submerging the brush. Air dry with bristles facing down. Dry the wood handle with a towel. 

ABOUT Cult +King:

In the 21st century, style matters more than ever before.  99% of our clothing is made by sweatshops, and companies keep pushing mediocre, throw away products that poison our bodies and trash the environment. And then they undercut the small businesses that pioneered their brands by selling direct to their customers online at a discount.

We’ve all seen endless examples of this kind of bullshit. It’s as if the entire world has spiraled out of control. Everyone is zombied out at a time when we should be paying attention.

We can’t wait any longer for someone else to fix this mess, so we decided, “fuck it, let’s do it ourselves.” We can’t allow these conglomerates to destroy our industry, health, and planet. We’re on a mission to educate people that it is possible to combine consciousness, style and self-identity.

All of our decisions are based around three things; defending the planet, supporting independent salons and barbershops, and making people look rad without poisoning them in the process.

It’s time to revolt against subservient style and environmentally and physiologically damaging cosmetic chemicals. Those of us who spend every day up to our elbows in it should know. It’s time to fight back. It’s time for a revolt in hair care. It’s time for Cult+King.



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