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Aeemelia Face Cream

Aeemelia Face Cream
Aeemelia Face Cream
Aeemelia Face Cream

Aeemelia Face Cream

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Signature Aeemelia product. 


For our signature Aeemelia face cream we've carefully selected the finest ingredients, including aloe juice, rosehip oil, pink Kaolin clay, and olive oil butter, to create a blend that offers the perfect synergy of hydration, nourishment, and a radiant glow. You will immediately notice the velvety texture and warm luxurious scent and unlike many traditional face creams on the market, ours doesn't rely on unnecessary binding agents or stabilizers so you can feel good about all the ingredients you are putting on your skin. 

Handmade in Boston Massachusetts

Keep it on your shelf or toss it in your backpack, apply regularly and let's get on to the next adventure!

In the bottle: Aloe vera | Olive oil | Rosehip seed | Candelilla wax | Kaolin clay | Bergamot | Amber | Vetiver | Rose | Oud oils

2 fl. oz. jar

About Aeemelia: 

Handmade in Boston Massachusetts. Simple skincare for a devoted community of believers who know that natural is beautiful. 

Aeemelia skincare uses the highest quality ingredients mixed by hand and the result is noticeable.  We are transparent with what goes into our products because we know the purpose and benefit of every ingredient and want our community to know it too. We rely on a short list of ingredients as well as sourcing and packaging processes that you can trust.  

Terma means hidden treasure

seeking the meaningful | discovering the unique

Skin | Wellness | Fragrance


We care about the planet. We care about you. The stuff we put on our face and body matters.

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